Saturday, July 31, 2010

Credit where credit is due

If you love my new header and blog look, go visit Kelly and let her know.  She had one picture and the words "I was hoping for something beachy" to go on.  She did fantastic!!
If you need a new look, she's awesome to work with!!
She also happens to be another mom of three super cute kiddos and wildly talented.
Thanks Kelly!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Funnies- Play along!

Woo Hoo! It's Friday! And time for another Friday Funnies!! Come on, you know you crack up at the stuff your kids say (and the things you find yourself saying TO them!).  Just this week I found myself saying "Bailey we do not sit on our sisters when we are naked."

Join the fun and write your own blog post about all the "funnies" at your house this week.

This post will be available on our sidebar for you to access at any time (as long as I figure out how to do that).

Please be sure to follow the rules and then visit the other blogs so you can get your laugh on.
Yes there are rules.  Why? Because it's our blog and we can. :)  Also, because we want to make sure it's family friendly.  SO.....

  1. Please refrain from using profanity.  It may be funny that your kid accidentally said the "F" word at a restaurant, but please don't spell it out.
  2. Please do not use the link system to drive traffic to your blog for anything other than a Friday Funny post.
  3. Please be sure to put the actual blog post link and not a link to your home page. This way we can find your Funnies even after you have posted other things.
  4. I am not responsible for your computer when you spray water, tea, soda, or whatever you are drinking, across the monitor and keyboard from the laughter.  Likewise, you are responsible for your own weak bladder.
  5. Please make sure you include the Friday Funnies graphic in your post somewhere.  I worked hard on it and it will boost my ego if you I get to see it all over the internet.

Here is the Friday Funnies Graphic

You can either copy and paste this jpeg or go to my sidebar and get the smaller version to embed with a code.

Have fun!!!

Of course I can't be left out so here are my own Friday Funnies from this week (woo! It was a doozy!):

Please pardon all the "potty" talk as we have been potty training miss Bailey this week (with great success I might add).  Hence the above "funny" about not sitting on our sister naked. 

I was watching a show with Bailey in my bedroom when she said "I have to potty." So I took her into my bathroom, left the tv on, and while she was sitting on the potty she tooted.  To encourage her I said "oh! What do I hear?!" Rather than focus on the "toot" she listened for a second and recognized that a Geico commercial was on so she replied, "Ringading ding dong!" 
For the first couple days of potty training Bailey would say "I PEE!" Thinking she had just peed I would look all over the floor for it.  It took me a little while to figure out that she was trying to tell me that she needed to go.  
I was getting the girls ready for bed and Skylar said "But I just want to keep playing." Reagan told her, "Skylar, everything has to come to an end eventually.  Well, only the fun stuff." Wise beyond her years :D
I don't know about you guys but when I have to get my girls' attention, I use their middle names along with their first.  This past week while Cali was barking, Bailey walked over to her and said "Cali JANE!".....which happens to be Reagan's middle name. :)
Reagan and Skylar were playing upstairs and Bailey was looking at books downstairs with me.  We heard a loud "thud" from upstairs. Bailey, without looking up from her book, says, "Dey fine. Dey jest playin." HA!
I was trying to get Bailey to sit on her potty for a while so I was reading a book to her about colors.  Each page has different fruits and vegetables on it so I was asking her to identify each one. 
"What's this Bailey?"
"Umm, dats carrots."
"What's this?"
"Dats Oh-anges (oranges)."
"What are these?"
"Dose Grapes"
"What about this (pointing to an eggplant)"
"ummm, dats YUCKY!" 
While driving home from the library Skylar said "Mommy, I don't want to be tan anymore. I want to be white like you." :D

Monday, July 26, 2010

I heart purple

I wasn't originally going to participate in this week's challenge over at Iheartfaces, but I thought I would look through my photos just in case.  I realized two things:
1. My girls wear a LOT of blue or pink.
2. My girls don't wear a lot of purple.

I did find one picture of my two year old in a purple sweater that I loved! She's so deep in thought....

If you want to see more "purple" shots...head on over to I Heart Faces!

Get your laugh on!

Ok so it only took six months (maybe less) but it's finally here! The link up for Friday Funnies!! Watch for it this Friday! Start writing down the funny things your kiddos say (or the funny things you say TO them!).
This sweet little graphic will be available for you to put in your post and a linky tool so everyone else can read your funny stuff!! Come on! Show the world (the blog world at least) that your kids ARE that funny! And here are a few more exclamation points just because!!!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ahhhh, this is the life

We have had unseasonably cool weather this summer.  I'm not complaining.  I love it! I do know that the heat is coming but we have been so grateful for the mild temperatures thus far.  A couple weeks ago we had this crazy idea to take the girls beach camping in order to fully appreciate the weather.  We called a campground that normally is booked up seven months in advance and they happened to have a cancellation THAT SAME MORNING (God is so good, right?!).  Apparently the cooler temps had caused a few folks to pack up early and head home (go figure).

So we got a slot one row back from the sand.

Seriously.  Gorgeous.

Hard to see the water in this picture because it just blends in with the sky, but believe me, it was beautiful.  And close.  (That's the back of our van).

The girls LOVED being so close to the sand.  

What could be better than spending time as a family in a tent......

....playing giant horseshoes....

....eating s'mores around a campfire....

...(a campfire that our awesome camping neighbor helped us start)

(the same awesome neighbor that gave all 3 of my girls LED flashlights to use in the tent)
....sitting and watching the sailboats come in for the night...from our campsite...

...and donuts for breakfast (can you see Baileys eye in the center of the donut?)...
Seriously...what could be better?

Not much.  
Except maybe an RV, a dvd player with a charged battery, and leaving the dogs at home.

Live and learn. 

We still had tons of fun, came home with tons of great memories,  and about 15 loads of laundry (and enough sand to fill a sandbox).

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Funnies

What's that? You missed Friday Funnies? Aw, that's so sweet.
Well, here are a few weeks worth for your enjoyment.
While trying to remember some of the funny things the girls have said or done I commented quietly to myself, "What was it that Bailey did that was so funny?" She overheard me and said "How about when I shake my booty?!" Then she proceeded to stick out her booty and shake it at me.
I took off my wedding ring to make pizza dough the other night and Reagan said "why are you taking off your ring?" I explained that I didn't want to get dough in it.  Then she asked "But you're still married, right?"
We saw a dad pushing a double jogger across the street and Skylar said "Why is a daddy pushing a jogging stroller?" Reagan replied, "He's probably a Stay at Home Dad." Skylar said, "That's the funniest thing I've ever heard!"
I was preheating the oven to make apple crisp and it beeps when it reaches the right temperature.  Bailey was sitting in the family room and when it beeped, she announced, "Pizza done!!" We obviously eat pizza...a lot. :)
I was getting dressed for church and put on a long skirt (this was before I cut my hair).  Reagan came into my bathroom and said, "Mommy you look so pretty! You look like the Duggars mom!" .....(and thus another reason to cut my hair!).
Our water filter needed to be changed on our fridge so I pulled it out so I could re-order the right one.  In the meantime the water from the fridge was unfiltered tap water.  The girls are water snobs (like me) and refused to drink it.  Brian had filled a water bottle with the "yucky" fridge water and Skylar took a drink.  She ran to the sink and spit it out declaring, "That's BISGUSTING!" I told her that daddy had probably filled his water bottle with fridge water and she said, "Doesn't he know what bad tastes like?"
While we were beach camping, they were building up sand berms because the camp kept flooding at high tide.  The girls were playing on the beach one morning and Reagan said "Can we play on the sperms?" No.  Not ever.

Have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Love

You may remember how i feel about marriage. It's the greatest blessing, but it takes work.  The "work" doesn't have to be difficult or challenging though.  Sometimes the "work" you have to do is just making time to be together.  And focusing on the positive.  I hear women complain about their husbands a lot.  Too much.  It's time to build each other up and stop focusing on the negatives.  So, pardon me please while I share a little about "my love."

Last week Brian and I celebrated nine years of marriage and we were blessed to sneak away for a night without the girls (Thanks mom!!).  Sometimes it feels like there's no way 9 years have passed.  Other days it feels like I've known him forever.  What I do know is that in 9 years, my love has continued to grow.  It's one of those "hard to put into words" kind of things.  I suppose it's like having a child.  You LOVE that baby so much and can't imagine loving another child as much.  But then you have a second child and your love just increases.  I like the phrase that "love multiplies, not divides." While we have added three blessings to our lives and have busy schedules, my love continues to multiply.

Yes, he's an amazing dad and that makes me love him even more.  But he's also an amazing husband. He works hard for our family without complaining and plans ahead for our future.  He helps wherever he can with the kids and the house.  (He's also an incredible cook!)

Most importantly he seeks the Lord daily and leads our home spiritually.  We pray together for our girls, our families, our community, and each other.  I admire his strength and love that he makes me feel safe.  We also laugh together and truly enjoy just spending time together.

Nine years is just the beginning...
While we were dating-at my brothers wedding in 2000. 

Headed out for a night last week!

I love you honey! With you is my favorite place to be!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What was I gonna say?

I have 7 drafts in my blog folder.  Seven.  Unfinished thoughts.  I'm pretty sure this post is going to be full of randomness but at least it will publish.  I just haven't had time to finish my posts.  Or haven't made time I guess.

We've been busy bees around here.  We're not traveling the globe or anything.  Just playing, eating, sleeping, and enjoying each day.

Some of my teacher friends are already doing the "countdown" back to school and it's making me sad.

Reagan is doing VBS this week.

Brian and I celebrated our anniversary last week. Nine years.  We even went away for a night! It was so nice! But hot outside.

It's hot.

Very. Very. Hot.  We're having a heat wave (aka summer).

We had a freak monsoon blow through last week.  I loved watching the lightning and hearing the thunder.  It reminded me of all the summer storms back east.

I've lost some motivation to cook lately.  Praying it comes back soon.

I have a whole post I'm writing about running but haven't run in a week.  Ironic.

I hope you are having a good summer.  One of these days I will catch up....

Until then...enjoy this video: (be sure to scroll down and pause my playlist so you can hear the video and not the music)

Baileys version of "Jesus Loves Me"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I have a lot of hair.  Or had a lot of hair.
This is quite possibly the worst "before" picture.
Next time I'm going to ask Brian to stand up to take the picture.  :)

It's thick and unruly and I had started getting "ponytail" migraines.  So, I decided to do something I've always wanted to do.  I cut it off.  And donated it.
Fourteen inches.  

 Locks of Love need a minimum of one half inch in diameter to make a wig.  Mine is 2.5 inches. 

(and obviously not blonde at the root!)

I love having it short! Not sure why I waited so long!!

(Headed out to dinner for a kid free dinner with my husband on my birthday last Wednesday)

In related news...Bailey gave herself a little trim.  I had to blend the chunk she took out of her hair, so  she's officially sporting side bangs.  One of my friends said she has "big girl hair" now.  Sigh.  She does.  
I guess she was ready for a change too.

Have a blessed day!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Change is gonna come!

I love to re-arrange.  I used to move my bedroom furniture around all by myself when I was a child.  My parents were amazed that I could move a bed, dresser, and toy box by myself before I was even 10.  But at our house we don't have a lot of options with the furniture.  It fits best where it is.  (We did get to rearrange the guest room/office a few months ago so that satisfied my "bug" for a while).  So since I can't move things physically, I'm adding decorations where I can.  And rearranging the blog.  Yep.  I'm going to start changing things up here a bit.  Hope you don't mind.

While Brian was away I took one morning with the girls and had a photo shoot.  They were hammin' it up and having fun so I got some great shots.  Here's a sneak peek:
 Happy 4th of July!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Funnies

In all honesty...I forgot it was Friday.  Brian just started his "furlough Fridays" so I was convinced that it was Saturday most of the day.

We've been busy enjoying our Summer and having daddy back home after his two weeks of traveling.
But of course I have a few gigglets for you!

Reagan asked the other day, "Mommy, are girl Chipmunks called Chickmunks?"
Reagan and Skylar were discussing their lemonade stand and how much they were going to charge. Reagan said "Mommy, what do you think we should charge because sometimes you just can't put a price on great homemade lemonade." HA! She didn't like my suggestion of 25 cents.  She wanted to charge a dollar per cup.  Skylar said "What if people don't want to pay that much?" Reagan responded "Well, then they can go somewhere else! That's capitalism Skylar!"
I wish I had recorded their conversation because it continued and I was laughing so hard I was crying by the end.
Skylar asked "What's capilism?"
Reagan said, "Capitalism is where you can charge whatever you want and if people don't like it they can go somewhere else. But it also means you have to pay more for the good stuff." (Seriously have no idea where she got this information).
Skylar asked "Since I'm your sister do I get it for free?"
Reagan said "Since your my sister, you KNOW how good the lemonade is so you should actually pay more!" :)
Lord help us all with that little entrepreneur.
Bailey still has her own terminology for things but this week my favorite is what she says everytime she sees a hummingbird drinking from our feeder on the patio.
"Look mommy!! A hunnybird!!"
I heard a noise coming from the area that Skylar was sitting in so I asked "Did you toot?" She said "Well I don't think so but I guess I'll know in a minute if it starts stinkin!"

Have a great holiday weekend!


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