Saturday, May 23, 2009

SOS-My Baby is all Growed Up!

Shout Out Saturday this week is for my "baby" girl....Reagan Jane.

"Don't blink. It goes by in a flash"

That's what a lady told me at my baby shower for Reagan. I thought she was nuts. Especially during those LONG nights when Reagan had REALLY bad reflux. Those nights didn't go by in a flash. Or teething. She even went through a phase where she threw tantrums (yes, my sweet little girl). But thank the Lord those were short lived.

But somewhere in there, I blinked.

It went by in a flash.

She's almost 6 (in one week!).

She is done with kindergarten in two more weeks.

She changed SO much in the past year.

Can you see it too?

This was her professional 5 year old portraits taken last year:

This is her graduation portrait we just received yesterday:

Her hair is longer. Straighter. She has grown 4 inches in the last year. She will probably be taller than me by the time she is in 2nd grade. More importantly, she is growing into her own little personality. She has a tender spirit. Often, after school, I hear about how someone got their feelings hurt by another student. She usually says, "But I gave her a hug and told her I was still her friend." She has become my little helper with her sisters too.

Yesterday, I overheard a conversation that brought tears to my eyes and then made me laugh out loud.
Here it is, recreated for you:

Reagan: Skylar, did you have a good day at home?

Skylar: Yes, but I missed you Reagan. I don't like it when you go to school sometimes.

Reagan: (putting her arm over her sister) I know. I missed you too. I think of you at school during lunch.

Skylar: And during recess?

Reagan: No, mostly just lunch because you like to eat! (HA!) But when we are in school together, we will get to be together all the time. And the weekend is coming up so we can do something special together, ok? (I can hear myself saying this to them!)

I love those tender moments. Five minutes later they were arguing over the last piece of dried apple, but it was great while it lasted.

I heard a great phrase the other day regarding the recession: "Hold your money tight, and your children tighter."
I know someday my little girl will be on her own, so I'm enjoying the time that I have to hold on to her. I'm enjoying the times that she wants to be with me. And wants to be with her sisters. I know, I know. She's ONLY six. But just yesterday she was ONLY six days, or six weeks, or six months old. Or so it seems.

Reagan six days before she arrived (a month early):

Reagan at Six Days old:

Reagan at Six Weeks old:

Reagan at Six Months old:

Reagan at Sixteen Months old:

For those with babies...Don't blink. It goes by in a flash.


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