Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Funnies

Whew! Last week of school! Last day of school today! I'm so excited for our Summer!
The girls did not disappoint in giving me some doozies for our Friday Funnies this week.  And in case you were wondering, I text them to myself all week so I don't forget them.  This week I sent myself a text with one of the girls' quotes and then my phone beeped signaling that I had a text.  My first thought was "ooh, a text!" until I realized that it was from myself.  :D

Here ya go! Enjoy!
Bailey still gets quite confused about phrases sometimes.  This week she has asked for "piggytails" when she actually means a "piggyback ride" and "piggybacks" for her hair when she means "piggytails."

She also asked if she could put on a "suitcase" at one point when she wanted to go swimming.
Bailey has been standing at the back door and screaming "A SNAKE!!!!!!" about twelve times a day.  Thankfully she has never been right.
While we were driving to the store one day Bailey was singing in the back of the van (that is not uncommon for her), but what she was singing is what cracked me up.
"It's a's a's a pillowpet!" (Advertising obviously works!)
Reagan was helping me make a quilt for her teacher as a gift and clipping all the threads for me. As we were sitting at the dining room table this is the conversation we had:
Reagan: I love clipping threads. I could do this all day.
Me: Well, there are places where kids sew all day long.
Reagan: (excited) REALLY? Can we go there?!!
(I guess I should stop joking that I'm running my own little sweatshop).
I made a mistake with the math for the quilt so my seams did not match up very well.  While I was sewing I mentioned that I had messed up the math.  Reagan said, "It's ok mommy.  I mess up in math sometimes too." :D
Reagan was "teaching" Skylar how to read words from her first grade "sight words" book.  She would show her a word and then have Skylar sound it out.  If Skylar got it wrong, Reagan would say "No, it's actually pronounced like this.  That word doesn't follow the rules."  After a few times of this conversation Skylar said "There are a lot of words that don't follow the rules." Then she turned to me and whispered, "Are the ones that don't follow the rules, the 'bad' words?" :D

Hope you have a blessed weekend!!


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