Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Funnies

Last week someone (who shall remain nameless) posted as her facebook status: "FYI: your kids aren't that funny."  Hmm.  Well, my cynical, humorless, single, childless, former-facebook friend, I happen to think my kids are really funny! And I'll prove it.

A conversation in our house last week while the girls were playing:
Reagan: make sure he has a parachute
Skylar: he does have a carrot suit

Bailey has been citing her memory verse from Ephesians as "Children, obey your carrots in the Lord..."

Apparently we like carrots here.

Skylar: Mommy, look! A mow lawner!

Skylar while playing with stuffed animals:
"Come on scout, cross the river with me! You can do it!"
"I can't walk on water! I'm not Jesus!"
"It's just a river, not a ocean Scout!"

Bailey came out of my bathroom last week with a Maxi pad and said "Mommy, bandaid?" :D

What do you think about making this a weekly occurrence? Want to link up with your Friday Funnies?


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