Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'm trying desperately to be more organized this year.  I had a goal of having almost all my shopping done by Thanksgiving.  I'm not going to make it.  I've been waiting for a wonderfully warm but overcast day to take our Christmas card pictures.  I realized (after checking, that wasn't going to happen either.  So we headed out this week to capture what we could.
It was cold.  And windy. 

And sunshiny....hence the squinting.

Lots of squinting. So we changed directions.

And the wind was blowing in a different direction 
(Reagan's hair was in Baileys face for about 15 pictures).

Then Bailey started doing her "underbite" grin.  She's part bulldog apparently.

Then I would get two smiling.....and one not.  (and there's still squinting).

So I decided to work with the squinting and just go with sillyness! They loved making kissy faces!
So much so, that they just couldn't stop.

Then all sorts of sillyness ensued....

We finally got *one* decent picture.  Decent, not perfect.  

I even took a few indoors.

Sometimes I think I need to have lower expectations.  I'm not a professional.  I don't have a professional camera.  My girls are not trained models.  Sometimes, you just have to take what you have and smile.  What I do have is 3 healthy, beautiful girls.  Girls that have tender hearts of gold.  Girls that indulge my need to take 150 pictures (or more) just to find a good one.  Girls that bring me so much joy! 

I pray that your home is filled with joy during this season too!


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