Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Funnies

What's that? You missed Friday Funnies? Aw, that's so sweet.
Well, here are a few weeks worth for your enjoyment.
While trying to remember some of the funny things the girls have said or done I commented quietly to myself, "What was it that Bailey did that was so funny?" She overheard me and said "How about when I shake my booty?!" Then she proceeded to stick out her booty and shake it at me.
I took off my wedding ring to make pizza dough the other night and Reagan said "why are you taking off your ring?" I explained that I didn't want to get dough in it.  Then she asked "But you're still married, right?"
We saw a dad pushing a double jogger across the street and Skylar said "Why is a daddy pushing a jogging stroller?" Reagan replied, "He's probably a Stay at Home Dad." Skylar said, "That's the funniest thing I've ever heard!"
I was preheating the oven to make apple crisp and it beeps when it reaches the right temperature.  Bailey was sitting in the family room and when it beeped, she announced, "Pizza done!!" We obviously eat pizza...a lot. :)
I was getting dressed for church and put on a long skirt (this was before I cut my hair).  Reagan came into my bathroom and said, "Mommy you look so pretty! You look like the Duggars mom!" .....(and thus another reason to cut my hair!).
Our water filter needed to be changed on our fridge so I pulled it out so I could re-order the right one.  In the meantime the water from the fridge was unfiltered tap water.  The girls are water snobs (like me) and refused to drink it.  Brian had filled a water bottle with the "yucky" fridge water and Skylar took a drink.  She ran to the sink and spit it out declaring, "That's BISGUSTING!" I told her that daddy had probably filled his water bottle with fridge water and she said, "Doesn't he know what bad tastes like?"
While we were beach camping, they were building up sand berms because the camp kept flooding at high tide.  The girls were playing on the beach one morning and Reagan said "Can we play on the sperms?" No.  Not ever.

Have a blessed weekend!


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