Thursday, May 14, 2009

Turned a corner

Day four has officially been the best day since Skylar's surgery! Thanks for all the prayers! She still had a bit of a rough night, pain-wise, but this morning she woke up happy and TALKING! She hasn't said much in three days so it was great to hear her sweet little voice. I am told that her voice might sound a bit like Mickey Mouse for a while, but we have yet to hear any change.

She even ate four popsicles, a donut hole, nutter butters, teriyaki chicken with rice and veggies, and alphabet soup. Of course it was a few bites of each, but I am thrilled that she is eating solid food and not complaining. She even sat on her swing outside and sang a "popsicle" song this afternoon. Then, she started watering the plants and sang the "watering the plants" song. You see the pattern? :) She was doing so well this afternoon that I even gave her JUST Tylenol (no codeine) for her noon dose and she has done great (knocking on wood).

We were told to expect a "dip" somewhere around day 5 or 6, but we are praying that doesn't happen. We would love to have her just progress upward from here. For now we are enjoying our almost back to normal Skylar!

We are also praying for our dear friend Jaimie (you might remember the Amazing photos she took of our girls). Her little guy just had his tonsillectomy today, so her uphill climb is just beginning. Thankfully I am able to tell her that the BAD part is only a few days long. Hopefully less for him.

I'm off to make chocolate chip cookies (Skylar's request)!


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