Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Love

You may remember how i feel about marriage. It's the greatest blessing, but it takes work.  The "work" doesn't have to be difficult or challenging though.  Sometimes the "work" you have to do is just making time to be together.  And focusing on the positive.  I hear women complain about their husbands a lot.  Too much.  It's time to build each other up and stop focusing on the negatives.  So, pardon me please while I share a little about "my love."

Last week Brian and I celebrated nine years of marriage and we were blessed to sneak away for a night without the girls (Thanks mom!!).  Sometimes it feels like there's no way 9 years have passed.  Other days it feels like I've known him forever.  What I do know is that in 9 years, my love has continued to grow.  It's one of those "hard to put into words" kind of things.  I suppose it's like having a child.  You LOVE that baby so much and can't imagine loving another child as much.  But then you have a second child and your love just increases.  I like the phrase that "love multiplies, not divides." While we have added three blessings to our lives and have busy schedules, my love continues to multiply.

Yes, he's an amazing dad and that makes me love him even more.  But he's also an amazing husband. He works hard for our family without complaining and plans ahead for our future.  He helps wherever he can with the kids and the house.  (He's also an incredible cook!)

Most importantly he seeks the Lord daily and leads our home spiritually.  We pray together for our girls, our families, our community, and each other.  I admire his strength and love that he makes me feel safe.  We also laugh together and truly enjoy just spending time together.

Nine years is just the beginning...
While we were dating-at my brothers wedding in 2000. 

Headed out for a night last week!

I love you honey! With you is my favorite place to be!


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