Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ironic Monkeys

I don't know why, but all three of my girls have been nicknamed "monkey" at some point. No, I take that back. I do know why. It's because they INSIST on climbing on anything and everything from the minute they learn to pull themselves to a standing position. I was hoping (seriously praying) that Baby Bay would be our calm, docile, mellow, baby. No such luck. At 12 months old, she can climb onto the sofa, over the ottoman (that used to keep her safely in the family room), and last week tried to climb OUT of her crib! She has one of those cute little "push" toys that help babies learn to walk. Does she push it? NOPE. She climbs ONTO it and uses it like a scooter. In the same fashion, she kneels in the baby doll stroller and uses her other foot to push herself around the room. You would think that by the third child I would be used to all the daredevil ways. Somehow they still manage to freak me out with their stunts, but in my defense, I am much calmer when they hurt themselves. :D

With irony at it's best, I was in the midst of writing the above paragraph when Baby climbed onto the couch and then promptly fell off. All the while, Skylar was running through the house with the dogs and attempting to "hurdle" them when she tripped and fell face first onto the hardwood floors. Chipped tooth, fat lip, and a black eye later, she seems to be ok. Oy vey!

Who needs boys when you have monkeys for kids?


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