Monday, November 1, 2010

Trunk or Treatin'!

Every year our church puts on a fantastic fall festival for all the families of our community.  I wish I had walked around and taken pictures of all the great activities for the kids, but I was busy decorating my "trunk" so I could hand out candy to all the kiddos.

I did manage to get a few shots of the cutest Alice, Minnie, and Bee at the festival though!!

We temporarily misplaced the ears to Skylar's Minnie Mouse costume so with a half hour to spare before the festival, I whipped up a new set of ears out of a handkerchief and an old black velour infant headband.  

Reagan's dangling front tooth?? Yah, one bite into a caramel apple and it was almost out.  Daddy pulled it with little effort so she has a fun toothless grin now!

The bumble bee costume has now been worn by all three girls.  Can we all say 'aw'?? :D

We don't make a big deal out of Halloween.  Our house decorations are more "fall-ish" and we don't buy new costumes every year.  I usually just tell the girls they can wear "whatever they want out of the dress up chest." Both older girls' costumes are from yard sales.  Reagan's is from two years ago, Skylar's from this year.  I love that they are "go with the flow" kind of girls.  :) It's really all about the candy though, right?

Here's our "trunk" for the festival.  We went with a beachy/hawaiian theme this year since that's what we had in the leftover party bin (and Brian's surfboard too of course!).  We had SO much fun!

I flipped the calendar to November today and almost gasped.  There are only 7 days throughout the month without something planned.  Oy.  Bring on the coffee.  


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