Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lil' Punkins

I realized that I never posted pictures from our trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

We discovered last year that going on a Friday was the best idea!! It's not crowded, and the folks that are there, all clear out by 3pm.  We have a lot of "parking lot pumpkin patches" pop up in October, but we still have a love for the "real" patch away from it all.  Well, not totally away from it all.  Technically there's a golf course less than a mile down the road, but it's still a real working farm.  :)

Skylar feeding a goat

Reagan on the hayride

Skylar on the hayride (I love her sweet sundrenched face in this one)
All three girls LOVE the pony rides! This is the face of a two year old that just told her mama to go away because she was "fine" to ride by herself.  Alrighty then....

This is the face of a little girl that could sit on that pony (and also the one that asked the guy working "May I get up by myself please?")

Skylar really wanted her pony to just "go faster." :)

In the pumpkin patch area, Bailey tried to pick up the pumpkins.  She actually succeeded a few times!

Reagan and daddy were looking at the horses next door.  

Skylar just being sweet...

Reagan asked if we could take this pumpkin home. Sadly, the answer was no.  I'm no fun. 

Of course Yaya is ALWAYS fun! :)  She found a pumpkin hat!!

This year we got to meet my Sister in law and niece and nephew at the farm so we all had a wonderful day filled with special memories.  We are blessed to live near family! 

Happy Fall!


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