Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A post with (gasp!) no pictures.  Sorry.  It's not that I don't have photos to share.  I'm just being lazy.

We've had a few casualties this week.  Three pairs of jeans to be exact.  Two of them were Reagan's and one pair was Skylar's.  Holes in the knees.  *sigh* When my mom was running a clothing business she took a few classes in fashion.  I remember her telling me that each piece of clothing has a "lifespan."  A certain shirt may have a "life" of 30 washings.  So, it could last a couple months if you wear it often, or a few years if you don't have it in the rotation.  The problem arises when you purchase or receive clothing that was previously owned (as I often do!).  I love a bargain!  So I'm not usually surprised when those items end up with holes in the knees after a couple months.  But since I don't pay much, or sometimes nothing at all, it's not usually a big deal.  But one pair of Reagan's jeans were purchased BRAND NEW (of course not at full price, but that's beside the point), in August.  That's six months! What in the world could she be doing at school that she could wear through denim in a matter of months?

So, I did what every thrifty mother does....I told her we could put a patch over the holes and her jeans would be good as new.  We're not talking those rectangular dark denim patches our mothers sewed onto our jeans.  They have MUCH cuter options now (like hearts, flowers, or butterflies).  Her response? "You can put a patch on them, but I probably won't wear them.  I don't think anyone else wears patches on their jeans."   *sigh* I knew the day would come....I'm officially uncool.  :)

On a sidenote: the only brand of jeans that I have been able to hand down from Reagan to Skylar are GAP.  I guess you really do get what you pay for.  


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