Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My resolve

Have you checked a calendar lately? Can you believe that July is almost over?! It feels like May was yesterday. The scarier part is that we are only THREE weeks from Reagan starting first grade! AH! That's a scream of "yikes", not a sigh of relief. I went into this summer with big plans. We were going to move right after school; unpack; feel settled; have fun. We're still working on the unpacking and feeling settled. I had plans to go to a waterpark, the zoo, seaworld, etc. Somehow, we are down to three weeks and haven't done any of that yet!
So, here's my resolve: the next three weeks WILL BE fun! The house can wait. We are mostly settled, and it's time to enjoy our summer. B's sister and nieces are coming for a visit so it's a perfect time for us to do all the "tourist" things in our area. The week after they leave Reagan starts school. I'm happy she's not in year round school, but it seems to start earlier every year. Remember when school started after Labor day?? I think it still does for some kids, but not here. But, she does get three weeks at Christmas and two at Easter. I'm counting my blessings that I haven't heard the "bored" word yet. And today Reagan and Skylar even said, "can we help you clean?" I almost cried. :D What sweet little girls I have. I'm still looking for our digital camera cable. But once I find it, you'll get to see our weeks of FUN! Hope you all have fun too! :)


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