Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Funnies

I've been terrible with remembering to write things down lately, but here are a few that I managed to text myself.  :)

Me: Bailey, you just have to wait and be patient.
Bailey: But I don't know HOW to wait!!
Bailey asked Skylar to help her unbuckle her carseat straps and Skylar told her, "If I help you, then you will never learn to do it yourself."
************************** the "not so G rated" section:
Reagan saw a mobile dog grooming van at the gas station and in her haste to read it quickly she started shouting "Doggy Style! Doggy Style!" (It was in fact, "Doggy Stylin'") :)

Skylar and Bailey like to play the "construction game" where they shout out what type of construction vehicle they see while we're driving.  Bailey doesn't have all the correct names down yet, so I had to laugh when she started yelling "Hoe! Hoe! Mommy look, a Hoe!"
************************** the "things that build my self esteem" section:
I was blowdrying my hair (and it gets really fluffy), and Bailey walked into my bathroom.  She took one look at my hair (pre straightener) and said, "Oh mommy.  How will you ever get it back to normal?"

I was carrying Bailey in the grocery store the other day and she said, "You are too heavy for me." Reagan corrected her and said, "I think you mean that you are too heavy for mommy.  You can't lift mommy.  That would take a really really strong man, like daddy."
Skylar asked what the term "King of my heart" meant in a song.  I explained to her about having Jesus in your heart and she said, "I don't remember if I have Jesus in my heart.  I better ask him again just to be sure!" After I prayed with her, she looked down her shirt and said, "Yep, he's in there now." :)

Have a blessed weekend!


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