Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday Funnies

Who needs cable when you have kids?! Especially kids that say funny stuff!
The girls seemed super funny this week, or maybe it was just that I remembered to write them all down.  Either way, enjoy!!

Bailey: Mommy this strawberry milk tastes funny.
Me: That's because it's chocolate milk.
Bailey: Oh, then it's yummy!
Skylar: Mommy, when I have a baby, I want to name her Sarah.  I used to want to name a baby Peppermint but then I realized that wasn't a very good name.
Walking to school one morning and it started to drizzle a bit.
Skylar said, "It's starting to rain!"
I replied, "It's ok, it's just a little drizzle."
Skylar said, "But Daddy said it wasn't going to rain!"
Reagan replied, "Skylar, I hate to burst your bubble, but Daddy is NOT a weatherman!"
Bailey was sitting next to me on the couch and tooted. I said, "What was that?!" She replied, "There's a monster in my butt!"
Walking to school again, we heard an ambulance.
Bailey: That's a ambrijan
Skylar: Bay, it's AM-BLI-ANCE
A little girl walked up to Reagan at school and said, "What are you going to be for Halloween?" Reagan said, "I'm not sure yet."  The little girl said, "I'm going to be Jason or Freddy Kreuger!" (she has much older brothers).  Then she walked away.  Reagan turned to me and said, "Who are Jason and Jenny Cooper?" :D
Bailey was playing with a fairy wand and touching it to things in the family room.  She would say "Abba Dabba" and turn objects into other things.  She touched it to the fan and said, "Abba Dabba, you're a elephant." Then she came over and touched the wand to my head.  I said, "What are you making me?" And she said, "I'm making you blonde...."  (oh, if it were only that easy)!

Can't wait to hear about all the funnies at your house this week!


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