Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Funnies-The Skylar version

I only have two this week but they are both from Skylar and super funny!!

Our backyard neighbors were having their trees trimmed one morning.  The girls were fascinated by the chainsaws and the guys climbing into the trees to cut the branches.  One guy had to stand on our fence to reach a limb and he happened to squat down in order to reach the branch after it fell.  Skylar was watching out the window and then looked away quickly with her hand over her mouth.  She gasped and then said, "Oh my word!! I can see that guys bum bum!!" Apparently the tree trimmer was also a plumber. :)
Skylar and Bailey were playing "ring around the rosy" and they sang a second verse that I hadn't heard before: "Horses in the meadow, horses in the meadow, buttercups, buttercups, we all jump up!" I asked her where she heard it and she said, "My cousin Sam.  She knows lots of stuff. She's a teenager." I said, "Oh really, so you think teenagers are smart huh?" She replied, "Yep! Daddy says when I'm a teenager I will know everything." 

Have a blessed weekend!


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