Thursday, July 9, 2009

Deep Thoughts from a 6 year old

Driving to San Diego today we went under Rainbow Bridge. The girls love that bridge! It's actually called Lilac Road Bridge, but it looks more like a rainbow so growing up, I always called it Rainbow Bridge.

After passing under it,

Reagan said: I wish I could see real rainbows everyday.

Me: But if you saw rainbows everyday you wouldn't appreciate them as much. If you only see them once in a while, you get to be excited about seeing one!

Reagan: (quiet for a moment) Kind of like people?

Me: How is it like people?

Reagan: You know...if you see someone everyday you don't appreciate seeing them. But if you only see them once in a while, you get excited to see them.


Later, she piped from the backseat: Don't worry mommy. You're not a rainbow person. I like seeing you everyday.

What a smart girl!


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