Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Funnies

In all honesty...I forgot it was Friday.  Brian just started his "furlough Fridays" so I was convinced that it was Saturday most of the day.

We've been busy enjoying our Summer and having daddy back home after his two weeks of traveling.
But of course I have a few gigglets for you!

Reagan asked the other day, "Mommy, are girl Chipmunks called Chickmunks?"
Reagan and Skylar were discussing their lemonade stand and how much they were going to charge. Reagan said "Mommy, what do you think we should charge because sometimes you just can't put a price on great homemade lemonade." HA! She didn't like my suggestion of 25 cents.  She wanted to charge a dollar per cup.  Skylar said "What if people don't want to pay that much?" Reagan responded "Well, then they can go somewhere else! That's capitalism Skylar!"
I wish I had recorded their conversation because it continued and I was laughing so hard I was crying by the end.
Skylar asked "What's capilism?"
Reagan said, "Capitalism is where you can charge whatever you want and if people don't like it they can go somewhere else. But it also means you have to pay more for the good stuff." (Seriously have no idea where she got this information).
Skylar asked "Since I'm your sister do I get it for free?"
Reagan said "Since your my sister, you KNOW how good the lemonade is so you should actually pay more!" :)
Lord help us all with that little entrepreneur.
Bailey still has her own terminology for things but this week my favorite is what she says everytime she sees a hummingbird drinking from our feeder on the patio.
"Look mommy!! A hunnybird!!"
I heard a noise coming from the area that Skylar was sitting in so I asked "Did you toot?" She said "Well I don't think so but I guess I'll know in a minute if it starts stinkin!"

Have a great holiday weekend!


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