Monday, October 19, 2009

This is NOT my first NOT ME MONDAY (but really it is)

Ok, so I'm caving. I've been reading others for months and now it's my turn to join the ranks. It was created by MckMama as a way to admit what we most certainly did NOT do during our week. You can go to her blog if you want to read about hundreds of others that didn't do anything this week.

Most weeks I simply forget what it was that I did NOT do, but this week I have actually been writing them down. I am a list-maker, afterall. I almost wrote my first "Not Me" a few months ago after I totally did NOT misread a pregnancy test and think that we were expecting a fourth child (after my sweet husband's 'procedure'). And now I totally do NOT giggle every time I hear the ClearBlue Easy Pregnancy Test commercial that says "Three out of ten women can misread a pregnancy test." Who does that?!

But on to THIS week!

I definitely did NOT hit the "panic" button on my key fob by accident while trying to hit the automatic door button. I always know which button to push, even with my hands full.

My youngest daughter did NOT continually remove her clothing and her diaper no matter how many times I tried to convince her otherwise. Then I most certainly did NOT try to scotch tape the tabs on her diaper to keep her little fingers from lifting them. Not me. I also wouldn't ignore every sign that she is sending at 19 months that she wants to use the potty. I always let my children dictate when we start potty training.

I did NOT spend over an hour last night, freaked out because I thought I heard a mouse in our bedroom, chewing on something. I finally did NOT get up out of bed and "face my fear" only to find out that it was the string on our blinds, blowing in the breeze and 'clanking' against the metal window frame.

Since my stomach was NOT bothering me last week (and thus making me feel all around icky) I definitely did not convince my children that they wanted quesadillas or microwavable mac n cheese for dinner. I always cook organic, healthy meals, from scratch.

I also did not scrap two bags of Amish bread "starter" because I keep making the "cake" and eating most of it myself and then wondering why the scale is not moving down. Not me. I don't eat sugar. Ever.

So there it is. My first (but not my last).


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