Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Spring Break

FIVE weeks! The countdown is on.  We only have 5 weeks until our school year is over and we get to sleep in, play outside, go fun places, and just enjoy being together.  I can't wait! 

Spring break was a small glimpse of what our summer will be like.  We were able to relax, spend time with friends, and do some crafting.  In fact, after spring break, Bailey said, "Mommy, we haven't done a craft in DAYS. I'm dyin' here!" LOL! That kid.... Normally she's so literal, so her exaggeration cracked me up.  I told her the other day that Yaya (my mom) had to get rid of her wash machine because it was on it's last leg.  She said, "What happened to the other legs?" See? Literal.  :)

Spending time as a family is my favorite thing in the world.  During spring break, we embraced our location and decided to do something we have wanted to do for a loooong time.  We went from the snow to the sand in one week.  It was wonderful!! We were afraid we had missed the snow completely this year but we got an extra dose of cold rain (which equals snow for the mountains) the weekend before our break.  Most of it had melted away by the time we got there, but we did find a few patches left, and it was perfect for sledding.  

The sledding path started out pretty bumpy but we wore it down quickly!

Bailey was so excited to sled with daddy.  We almost had a crisis because we couldn't find the "purple" hat that she got for Christmas.  Thankfully the extra red one I packed worked just fine.  

This face cracked us up.  We thought she was having a blast, but the pictures tell a different story.  
The look of terror says it all. :)

I got all 3 to stop moving for a few seconds to grab this picture.  The rock behind them is the famous Taquitz Rock.  People climb it.  Crazy people.  I'd rather take pictures of it. :)

Bailey decided that sledding with mommy was much more her pace.  She also made snowballs (in the loosest sense of the word) and threw them at her sisters.  

Skylar is our little daredevil and couldn't get enough of the downhill speed.  In fact, I caught a picture of her going down the hill....with just her elbow on the board.  Talk about flying! She also loved sledding with daddy and crashing at the end.  

Love her rosy little cheeks after working hard to get back up the hill!

She's looking more and more like a little girl...and not a toddler.  Bittersweet to say the least.  

Reagan is usually our cautious one so we were thrilled that she went down the hill as many times as she did.  She and Skylar also decided to go without the sled and just slide on her behind at the end.  Thank the Lord for stain remover. :)

After a snack, we found the purple hat in the van! She was a happy kid!!

The girls all slept great and we made some wonderful memories. Success! Four days later we were off to the beach....

It was a little chilly when we got there. 

This kid is impervious to cold.  She didn't even wait to get her bathing suit on before heading into the water.  

She was soaked up to her sweatshirt in about 12 seconds. 

Bailey showing us how big the waves are!

Bailey didn't get to make snow angels up in the mountains, so she decided to make some sand angels.

Brian took Skylar and Bailey out on the surfboard for the first time.  Bailey caught a wave pretty quickly and LOVED it! Skylar (who was the most excited) got knocked off the board pretty quickly and has decided she doesn't like surfing.  But how cool are those birds behind her? :)

We chased a lot of these guys....

Reagan was our sandcastle builder.  I love that her hair starts to curl up as soon as we hit the ocean air.

And just to prove that I was there... :)

We gathered LOTS of shells! (I think that's a rule when you go to the beach as a child).

The girls did a lot of running from the waves. Then they decided to take on the waves together.  

One of my favorite pictures ever...
I don't think I could love these girls any more!

Spring break was great...but bring on the summer!!


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