Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My resolve

Have you checked a calendar lately? Can you believe that July is almost over?! It feels like May was yesterday. The scarier part is that we are only THREE weeks from Reagan starting first grade! AH! That's a scream of "yikes", not a sigh of relief. I went into this summer with big plans. We were going to move right after school; unpack; feel settled; have fun. We're still working on the unpacking and feeling settled. I had plans to go to a waterpark, the zoo, seaworld, etc. Somehow, we are down to three weeks and haven't done any of that yet!
So, here's my resolve: the next three weeks WILL BE fun! The house can wait. We are mostly settled, and it's time to enjoy our summer. B's sister and nieces are coming for a visit so it's a perfect time for us to do all the "tourist" things in our area. The week after they leave Reagan starts school. I'm happy she's not in year round school, but it seems to start earlier every year. Remember when school started after Labor day?? I think it still does for some kids, but not here. But, she does get three weeks at Christmas and two at Easter. I'm counting my blessings that I haven't heard the "bored" word yet. And today Reagan and Skylar even said, "can we help you clean?" I almost cried. :D What sweet little girls I have. I'm still looking for our digital camera cable. But once I find it, you'll get to see our weeks of FUN! Hope you all have fun too! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Deep Thoughts from a 6 year old

Driving to San Diego today we went under Rainbow Bridge. The girls love that bridge! It's actually called Lilac Road Bridge, but it looks more like a rainbow so growing up, I always called it Rainbow Bridge.

After passing under it,

Reagan said: I wish I could see real rainbows everyday.

Me: But if you saw rainbows everyday you wouldn't appreciate them as much. If you only see them once in a while, you get to be excited about seeing one!

Reagan: (quiet for a moment) Kind of like people?

Me: How is it like people?

Reagan: You know...if you see someone everyday you don't appreciate seeing them. But if you only see them once in a while, you get excited to see them.


Later, she piped from the backseat: Don't worry mommy. You're not a rainbow person. I like seeing you everyday.

What a smart girl!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You missed me, you know you did

I'm back! But without pictures :( Sorry. I haven't unpacked/found/located/looked for the camera charger yet. And of course it died after taking like THREE pictures. I promise to post photos as soon as I find it. Well, shortly thereafter.

Just because I"m posting doesn't mean I am out of the whirlwind yet. But I was afraid that you all might think I had dropped off the edge of the planet. I wanted to reassure you that things are good! I'm living amongst boxes, but things are still good :D I've learned a lot through this move. Maybe someday I'll share my top ten moving lessons with you :D But for now, a funny conversation I had....
I'm a moron...apparently. At least according to a lady that I was talking to about furniture. We don't have a lot of furniture for our house so we have had to buy a few pieces here and there to fill in the gaps. I was explaining to a lady at an antique store what I was looking for and she said, "Oh, you like shabby?" My response, "Not shabby so much, as vintage." I don't mind distressed finishes, but I don't care for the ones that have ACTUAL paint flaking off of them. I went on to tell her that I like vintage pieces that have been refinished or painted. I don't care for "fussy" decorating either. I'm not a knick-knack kind of gal. So she said, "Oh, you like modern vintage?" I said, "isn't that the opposite?" Her reply....are you ready for this...??? "Oh, that makes you one of those morons."

hmmm, ok.

I'm a moron.

I like vintage furniture, done in a modern way.


Then it finally dawned on me.....what she meant to say was that I was an OXYmoron.

We both had a fun chuckle over that. And she offered to give me 10 percent off of anything just for calling me a name. Not too shabby! :)


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