Wednesday, October 26, 2011

making up for lost time

All 3 girls are sick.  This is a first for us.  They are incredibly healthy and if one gets sick we have been good about keeping it from spreading.  Not this time.  Skylar is on the mend but Bailey and Reagan are just starting the flu bug.  So, today's comic relief was a welcome reprieve.

Skylar returned to school today but it completely wiped her out.  She rested for a while, and then started talking.  And didn't stop.  I had to laugh because she wouldn't even let me get a word in edgewise.  She hardly took a breath in between sentences.  I think she was making up for being so lethargic and quiet the last few days.  I hit "record" on my phone so I could capture her chatty-ness.  I don't know how to upload it here so below is a transcript of my favorite "story".  Just try not to laugh.

"Mommy, do you know what would be fun? If we could get a pink car for me, the kind with batteries and pedals that go when you push down on them, and we could get a car for Reagan and Bailey that was a police car that had pedals and could go fast, but not really fast, cause that's not safe, but just kind of fast and they could chase me in my pink car.  Then I could jump out and run and Bailey could jump in the pink car and Reagan could stay in the police car and I could hide behind a tree and when they drive past me, cause I'm a good hider, I could jump in the police car and Reagan would be so scared that she would jump out and then I would be chasing Bailey who thinks that she's chasing me, and we could drive all around our neighborhood, chasing each other and then come home and have a snack and laugh.  Wouldn't that be so fun?!"


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