Sunday, June 20, 2010


I am so blessed to have a LOT of incredible fathers in my life.

My grandfathers
I had two grandfathers that loved the Lord, prayed for me, with me, and gave selflessly for years.  My Papa (dad's dad) passed away a year and a half ago.  I still think of him often and thank the Lord for his example in my life.  He used to call and ask if he and my nana could take me out to lunch when I was in college (they only lived 30 minutes away), and when they arrived, he would take a "quick look" at my car to make sure it was taken care of.  Of course if anything needed fixing, he took care of it right away and always left my tank on "full." What a blessing he was.

My other grandfather is 92 and no longer lives in Southern California near us.  But I know he still prays daily and is available whenever I need to call.  He has always been the spiritual pillar for our family and even at 92, he embodies that role.

Both were shining examples of family love, and commitment to marriage.
I'm so glad that my girls got to know both of my grandfathers.

My dad
Even though he made us eat meatloaf with too much nutmeg in it when he first started cooking, he has come a long way and is actually an incredible cook. :) I call him with my food dilemmas frequently.
He loves his family and gives so freely!
He's an avid sports fan, and is the luckiest man alive when it comes to Fantasy Football! (ha! love you dad!)
He's madly in love with my three blessings and that brings me more than joy than I can put into words.
He took the first plane he could after Reagan was born in Virginia.  Love at first sight.

He's stubborn and outgoing and hilarious (I know...the apple didn't fall very far from the tree...)
Thank you Dad for all the love you give!

My husband
I know my husband is an incredible father, but what I love is when others point it out to me as well. I love that others can see it too!

He's a very "involved" daddy and loves all of his girls so much! I'm so grateful for his example to our family.  He works tirelessly, with a great work ethic, leads our home spiritually, and has successfully turned our girls into sports fans! :D
His smile still melts me.
I love you honey!

God bless all the fathers today! In a time where the term "absentee father" is used frequently, thank you for sticking around and leading your children in the right direction.

Happy Father's Day!!


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