Friday, May 21, 2010

My First Bloggers Quilt Festival-Spring 2010

My first quilt was made in 2001 after I got married.  I wanted to make my mom a "throw" for her newly decorated living room.  She had made a quilt for me when I went away to college that I treasure so I knew a quilt would be sentimental to her.  My aunts are also incredible quilters so I figured it was in my genes. :)

Since then, I have made a few baby quilts, always with my own pattern, out of blocks, with straight stitching.  You would think after nine years that I would have more to "show" as far as quilts go but it has only recently become a true "hobby" thanks to my friend Amy (the wonderful, amazing, incredibly talented, and inspiring Amy).  

She hosts a wonderful "Bloggers Quilt Festival" twice a year.  I've watched in the past, but this time I'm actually joining in the fun!! It's open to all quilters, from novice to professional.  I definitely fall in the "novice" category.

If you follow my blog you will recognize this quilt (as I just shared it's completion with you a couple weeks ago), but if you are new here, read on.

Amy asked if I would be willing to test a pattern for her.  I had never used a pattern before but was excited to try!

Her pattern calls for one layer cake and one charm pack (plus 1/2 yard for binding and 3 1/2 yards for backing).  I used the Moda Blush line and love the result!!

Since I was in the mood to try new things, I also tried free motion quilting for the first time.  I'm officially addicted.  I want to quilt everything.  I even look at matelasse and think "oh yah, I could do that." :D

My new quilt is used daily in our family room.  It's the perfect size for snuggling! My girls love it and are already asking when I'm going to make a quilt for each of them.

(The doggies happen to like it too!)

Go check out the Bloggers Quilt Festival and see the incredible talents of others!

Friday Funnies

It's been a busy week! But the girls have not failed in giving me at least a few tidbits to share for our Friday Funnies.
Bailey has learned to quickly "blame" others (mostly Skylar) for things.  When I ask "who made this mess?" she is quick to reply with "Skylar did." Or when I ask "who is stinky?" she always says "Skylar is." (of course it's ALWAYS her because she's the only one still in diapers).  So, it was really funny the other night when Skylar fell asleep on the couch at 7pm and I said "Who let Skylar fall asleep?" and she replied...... "Skylar did."

We had a church picnic last weekend (and I still need to post pictures).  Reagan was most excited about the watermelon eating contest.  She was just certain she would win.  We were ready to head home but she begged us to stay longer so she could compete.  And wouldn't you know....she won.

One night Bailey came into our bedroom declaring "I've got probbies." It took me a few minutes to figure out that her "probbies" were "problems" and that her "probbie" was that she couldn't get her baby's arm into a dress.

We have tried to be encouraging to the girls by saying "Good job" and "high five" when they do something well.  For example, when Bailey uses the potty, I always say "Good job! High five!"  I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised when I opened the door to leave the bathroom and Bailey was standing on the other side and said "Good job mommy! High five!" :D


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