Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fresh Air!

Two weeks ago, my husband and I found ourselves with only two out of our three kiddos (Reagan was at YaYa and Poppy's house). We wanted to take full advantage of the man-to-man defense (and of course the gorgeous weather) so we packed up our youngest two and hit the trail. Literally.

We googled "easy trails" in Idyllwild (since he would be wearing the baby in a backpack for the hike). When we found it, we set off for our family hike. Along the way we learned a few things:

1. Hikers walking UP the trail have the right of way.
2. Bring snacks (there's a reason it's called "trail mix").
3. Easy is not easy (turns out we ended up on a moderate trail so that explains a lot)
4. Going down is a LOT easier than going up.
5. Buy a map.
6. A 20 pound baby feels a lot heavier at 6,000 feet up and carried on your back (I have to take my wonderful husbands words for it on this one)
7. Three year olds will walk a lot if you keep them busy "looking" for things.
8. There's a reason they are called 'hiking boots.' Sneakers just don't cut it sometimes.
9. The first weekend in October is also the Wine Festival in Idyllwild. Who knew?
10. God made our world so beautiful and often we forget to just take it all in and breathe.
(The world is also a small place. The ONE family we asked to take our picture on the trial was actually from Philly, just a few towns away from where B grew up!)

It was invigorating and peaceful all at the same time. The pictures don't do it justice, but we have agreed that it's something we need to do more frequently. So, we'll have more pics in the future. For now, enjoy! I know we did!


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