Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm afraid it's contagious

Remember my disorder ICMTFL Syndrome?
Well apparently it's contagious.  Quite  a few folks have admitted that they too suffer from this disorder so I thought I should inform you that it spreads...or maybe it's genetic.  It seems to "morph" a bit though.  Instead of ICMTFL Syndrome, it's MMCMTFL aka: My Mom Could Make That For Less.  My girls have now started showing signs of the same disillusion that I live under.

I was looking through all the quilts from the Bloggers Quilt Festival hosted by Amy, and the girls were looking with me.  There are so many lovely quilts (that I could never possibly make) and the girls have decided that I can make one for them too.  Like this one.  Or this one (Take note that ONE square on this quilt is made up of 30 small squares!).  I personally love the look of this one and this one.

Of course, folks like my sweet friend Liz don't help matters much either.  She said she suffers from ICMTFL too but the only difference is that she really CAN make it for less.  Check this out.  It just so happens that my girls saw the same exact shirt in the mini Boden catalog and loved it too.

Of course I wasn't going to shell out 84 dollars for a t-shirt with a camper on the front.  But it never occurred to me that I could make it.  (Apparently Liz's disorder is far worse than mine in the best way possible).  Now my disorder has started to include appliqued clothing...who knew?? :D

Just be warned.  I believe this is an epidemic in the making.


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