Monday, April 13, 2009

Frantic Faith

I'm no good at chaos. One of my biggest pet peeves is being late, so I feel like I'm constantly rushing to get myself and the girls out the door on time. The kids hear the words "hurry," "quick," and "COME ON" so much that they have started saying the words to each other. Currently I feel like we have a lot going on. My to-do list continues to grow as daily I cross off a few items but add ten more. Today, I was putting out fires, pushing swings, standing up for our family, cutting up fruit, demanding results, changing diapers, and making silly faces, all the while tucking in my cape so my superhero status would not be revealed. After being "frantic" all morning, I sat down and sighed. In my devotions yesterday was the verse "Be still and know that I am God." It's that darn "Be Still" that I am not so good at yet. Isn't it just that way in our faith though? There's so much to learn; so much unknown; so many things we 'should' be doing, or wish we could be doing for others. People to serve. Songs to sing. Things to teach our children. Sharing our faith. Yet, all He wants from us is to Be Still.

Today, I chose to quiet the monkeys in my head that keep shouting about what I "should" be doing, and just sit (albeit for only 5 minutes), and breathe. I stared out the window while my children played and quietly thanked the Lord for them. And breathed.
Then the dog barked, the phone rang, the baby woke up, and my stomach growled. But I was 'still'....even if just for a moment.


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