Sunday, July 4, 2010

Change is gonna come!

I love to re-arrange.  I used to move my bedroom furniture around all by myself when I was a child.  My parents were amazed that I could move a bed, dresser, and toy box by myself before I was even 10.  But at our house we don't have a lot of options with the furniture.  It fits best where it is.  (We did get to rearrange the guest room/office a few months ago so that satisfied my "bug" for a while).  So since I can't move things physically, I'm adding decorations where I can.  And rearranging the blog.  Yep.  I'm going to start changing things up here a bit.  Hope you don't mind.

While Brian was away I took one morning with the girls and had a photo shoot.  They were hammin' it up and having fun so I got some great shots.  Here's a sneak peek:
 Happy 4th of July!


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