Monday, August 31, 2009

Hot and Cold

It's hot. Really. Really. Hot. My temperature gauge outside my kitchen window says 112 right now. It literally feels like opening the oven when I open the back door to let the dogs out. It's the kind of hot where you don't want to go outside. You shouldn't be outside. Canyons catch on fire simply because it's hot. You can see the heat escaping from an idle vehicle's engine. It hurts your skin to be in it for more than five seconds. It's. Hot.

So, to remind us of cooler days, I was flipping through my old photos from Virginia. Now, granted, it doesn't snow here in socal, but it's fun to think of snow on days like this. Here is one of my favorites.

Sophie hated the snow. We used to have to carry her outside, plunk her into the snow for her to potty and then carry her back inside. Such a princess. Reagan on the other hand, loved it.

Ok, maybe not so much. But I liked it. I miss it. Especially on days like today.

Come on Fall! Get here soon!


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