Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our country tis of thee...

We have been frequenting the library this summer and I'm always amazed at the books the girls pick out.

Bailey seems to pick whatever is at her eye level on the 'put back' shelf.  Reagan has cruised through 30 chapter books this summer, and Skylar.....well she has decided she loves the United States.  All of them.  She wants to learn about each state, what it's like to live there (and what language they speak...which really cracked me up).

We've checked out every kid atlas about the US that the library owns. And renewed them.  Twice.  She and Reagan will sit on the couch and pour over the atlases and talk about what it would be like to visit each state.  They talk about which state is their favorite (Reagan likes Kentucky because it has a lot of horses on the page.  She about flipped out when I told her that her aunt and uncle live there! Her other favorite is Virginia because it's where she was born....and it had horses on the page).

I thought it was a great opportunity to teach them about the names of each state.  So, this summer we've been learning this song.  It was my favorite in fourth grade and the girls have already learned quite a bit of it!!
Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!! (remember to scroll down and mute my playlist so you can hear the song).


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