Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Funnies

This week has been a rough one.  I'm even more thankful for the joy and laughs my girls bring. I hope you enjoy our Friday Funnies this week!

I took Reagan on a "date" the other day and while we were sitting and enjoying our slushies, we started talking about heaven.  She asked two questions that I thought were cute.  
Reagan: "Mommy, can we call people once they go to heaven?"
Me: "No baby, we don't get to hear them again until we get to heaven ourselves."
Reagan: "That's too bad. I would call Papa Great (awwwww...) and then ask him to put Abby on the phone." 
Ha! Abby was my mom and dad's dog that was put to sleep two years ago.  
Reagan: "Mommy, do you think there will be Starbucks in heaven?"
While driving the other day, Skylar noticed the bowling alley out the window but didn't remember what it was called.  She said, "Hey mommy! That's the place where we play with our balls!"
Reagan and Skylar were playing last night and Reagan said, "Skylar, you're being kind of bossy." She could see that it had hurt Skylar's feelings so she tried to recover by saying, "...but in an adorable sister kind of way..." :D
We were at Starbucks on Wednesday and Bailey noticed the Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake. She said, "There's PINK cake!" Skylar said, "I know why they have pink cake today mommy! It's for breast cancer awareness!" (That one's for you Christine!)
We had just returned from getting Reagan at school and Bailey had fallen asleep (yes, in the two minute car ride home...of course).  So, I got her out of her carseat and said, "Skylar, can you please pick up Baileys shoe and take it inside?" She gave me a VERY grumpy look and bent down to pick it up.  I said, "And with a joyful heart please..." She answered with a gruff, "I do have a joyful heart. I just have a grumpy face."
I tried to wear my hair curly this week.  As we were getting ready to go get Reagan from school Skylar says, "Mommy, your hair is crazy! Do you want me to get your hat for you before we get Reagan?" I thought it was funny until my husband came home and said, "Hey Crazy Hair!" :D I'm guessing the curls are a little out of control with the new haircut....

I can't wait to read your "funnies" from this week.  If you don't blog them, you can always leave them in the comments. Have a blessed weekend!


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