Monday, April 25, 2011

One weekend.

Having just finished the Easter weekend, I can't help but be introspective about it.  It's humbling to remember that He did it for me.  That kind of love is just unfathomable.

I've been thinking a lot about what that Friday must have been like.  I know it didn't feel like a "Good Friday" to those that loved and followed Jesus back then.  What sorrow they must have felt. What defeat.

That Saturday could not have been any better.  Even though the "worst" was over, they were still reeling from the tragedy of the day before.  They didn't know that Sunday was coming.  But it did!

That weekend continues to play out in our daily lives.  Maybe you've just endured a Friday.  The sky is black and you feel hopeless.  Or maybe you're in the midst of a Saturday.  Reality is sinking in and you're desperate for good news.  Rest assured, Sunday is coming.

"Sorrow may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning." Psalm 30:5

We do all the baskets and eggs and chocolate bunnies and pretty dresses, but our girls know why we celebrate Easter (in the most age appropriate way of course).  As a child I used to wonder why we didn't get a bunch of gifts on Easter, like we did on Christmas.  They were both "Jesus" holidays, so why does one get more attention and hoopla than the other?

As an adult, I've realized that Easter IS the biggest gift.  There's no way we could top it.  We need to just accept it, and be grateful.  How can you compete with grace?

In college as an RA, I had a student that had a plaque over her dorm room door.  It read:
"Good morning! This is God.  
Don't worry, I've already taken care of today.  
Please don't go messing it up by trying to do things yourself."

I imagine that God would add to that by saying, "By the way....I've got tomorrow covered too."

It's a good reminder for each of us. Don't worry.  But I still do.

I was worried about the girls getting into the charter school we wanted.  The week before the lottery I called to find out the exact date we would hear anything and they informed me that there were absolutely no openings in third grade.  That meant Reagan would be wait-listed regardless of the lottery.

We discussed a bunch of different scenarios if Skylar got in and Reagan did not: homeschooling, two different schools next year, taking her out mid-year if there was an opening, etc. etc. etc.  Then we prayed.

The day of the lottery we got a phone call from the school administrator.  She said "Just calling to let you know that we have a spot for Skylar in the Fall!" I started screaming and jumping up and down (in true girl fashion).  Then she went on to say, "And we've decided to make room for Reagan and increase the class size by one so that she can come here too." That's when I lost it.  Tears of joy.

God knew.  He had already taken care of it.

Why do we worry?

I know, I know...we're human.  We try but we fail again and again.  But that's ok.  God knows that too.

 Today, I'm just thankful for grace and the promise of Sunday.


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