Monday, August 22, 2011

A Married Mothers Manifesto

Found this today and thought it was worth sharing:

"We are all raised with "do's and don'ts" from the time we can move.  Our rules change as we get older and then we realize that everyone has different ideas about what we should or should not do. I learned early on in my life as a mother and wife that God has far different expectations than we could ever imagine.  So I wrote my own set of "rules" to look back on when I get pulled too far from the road I should be traveling.  Hopefully they speak to you too.  

I will not obsess over the 5, 10, or 15 pounds that show up on the scale and destroy my self-esteem.  
I will lace my shoes up and do something about it.

I will not downplay or minimize a compliment. ("Oh you look great in that dress!"... "Oh, it's just a slimming color.")
I will accept it gratefully and smile and pay it forward with a compliment to someone else that just might need it.  

I will not make excuses for my house being too small, or not decorated, or too lived in.  
I will remember that God can use any house when it is offered for His glory.  

I will not believe that being married means I can stop trying.  
I will give my husband the best of me, and not the leftovers.  

I will not expect my husband to meet my every need. 
I will try to bless him each and every day.  

I will not feel guilty for needing a few moments away from my children. 
I will remember that God's voice is loudest when I am quiet.  

I will not compare myself, my house, my children, or my husband to others. 
I will treat my family as the gift they are. 

I will not continually hope for the next phase of life. 
I will embrace this season.  

I will not spend our money, and incur debt on frivolous things. 
I will store up my treasures in heaven.  

I will not let my children become "those kids" that people dread being around.
I will shepherd my children and teach them how to become responsible, respectful, adults.  

I will not be in such a hurry.
I will smile at strangers. It may be the only one they see that day.

I will not be so busy.
I will spend time just playing with my children. 

I will not be judgmental. 
I will give someone the benefit of the doubt.  

I will not lament over what we don't have. 
I will make our house a home by the attitude and atmosphere I set. 

I will not be a screaming, yelling woman.
I will remember that a gentle tone turns away wrath.  

I will not live a life of regret. 
I will tell those close to me that I love them.  often.  

I will not beat myself up over mistakes.  
I will remember that God's grace is sufficient. 

I will not be anxious.
I will pray.

I will not let anger fill my heart.
I will pray.  

I will not walk in fear of the unknown.
I will pray.

I will laugh at myself.  
I will treasure my "now".  
I will learn to cook healthy meals.  
I will let my children eat cake for dinner sometimes.  
I will say please and thank you. 
I will remember that God made me, and He doesn't make mistakes."

What would you add??


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