Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bigger and Better

There is never a shortage of ways to help others.  Hopefully you don't have to look very far to find folks that are doing something good for others; something bigger than themselves; trying to make the world a better place.

Today you don't have to look very far at all.  A dear friend of mine decided to do something really big to make a difference.  She's walking 60 miles in 3 days to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer.  It's a giant responsibility but she has taken it on with perseverance and a determined resolve.  It's getting harder and harder to find someone that has NOT been directly affected or known someone affected by breast cancer. My very own Nana is a survivor.

In order to help raise funds, she has had a few folks offer products for her to auction.  If you can, would you stop by and check out her item of the week? While you're there, leave her a note of encouragement and maybe follow her journey to "Saving Second Base." (How great is that title?!) You can also click her google ads.  Each click earns money toward her fundraising goal.  How easy is that?!

Just click on her button!

Thanks friends!!

I have a Disorder

It's bad.  It's really really bad.
Some might call it an allergy to overpriced items, but I refer to it as the "I could make that for less" Syndrome.  Aka: ICMTFLS

I went shopping on Mother's Day.  Without the girls.  It was wonderful (Thank you for that gift Honey!).  I love shopping with my girls, but I am very focused and on a mission when they are in tow.  When I'm alone, I have the luxury of "browsing".   Unfortunately when I'm alone, my disorder goes into high gear.

I walked through Pottery Barn and found a beautiful quilt for Reagan's bed.  On sale.  For 100 dollars. Plus 40 dollars for the shams.  Plus 60 dollars for the sheets.
Or not.  Not when you have ICMTFLS.  
Thanks to Amy and my newfound love of quilting, I am pretty sure I could make it for less. 
Sometimes my disorder is SO bad that I can even look at something like this:

Or this:

and think "I could make that...for less." 

It only gets worse when I go into the furniture department.  Thanks to one of my favorite new websites:

I'm even convinced that I could make this....for less:

I guess things could be worse.  I could have the "I've just got to have that" disorder where I actually spend the money.  Instead, my disorder is more delusional (and free).  

Anyone else suffer from this? Should we start a support group?

Photos courtesy of potterybarn.com and potterybarnkids.com


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