Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bombarded (and confused)

I took a Critical Thinking course in college.  I know advertisers try to "sell" you on their products.  I'm not easily swayed by fancy packaging (it usually costs more anyway).  There is information all over the web that is contradictory.  I am a big fan of snopes when it comes to email forwards.  My husband and I have even talked about "research studies" and how organizations pay to get the results they want.

Who can you trust?

My latest dilemma is diet. I just want to make healthy meals for my family.  I cook dinner at home almost every night.  I'm a big fan of fresh organic produce and include it almost every meal I make  (Of course there are studies that show that the word "organic" does not mean the same thing on every label, but that's a whole other post).  I've tried to prepare fresher, less processed foods.

A lot of our meals include a carb though.  Not just any carbs....pasta, breads, and grains.  All of which include gluten.  The information on whether or not this is healthy is SO varied.  They are low fat/low calorie foods, but they are also known to convert to sugars and adversely affect blood sugar levels (as well as disrupt the digestive process).  Other folks will tell you that it's not a "balanced" diet without carbs/gluten.

I don't have a child with autism or ADHD (both of which recommend a gluten-free diet), but Brian has high cholesterol.  Part of cholesterol is the triglyceride level (sugar level) that is affected by carbs.  I would love for him to be off of his statin but his favorite foods all include carbs (most Italian foods).

Anyone have carb alternatives that your family actually enjoys?
Have you ever tried to eliminate gluten from your diet and see the benefits?


  1. It is so funny you wrote this post because just this morning I googled "Gluten Free Diet" :) You must have seen some same things I have seen lately. Through my own research I decided not to go through with the gluten free diet. We do not suffer from 90% of the "Gluten Sensitive Symptoms" (other than flatulence, ha ha!) and I didn't feel it was worth the enormous amt. of time and energy to put us on that. But I have a blogger friend who does do it for her own health. I just try to incorporate the good carbs (we only use whole wheat bread, plus occasional whole wheat pasta and brown rice), and that seems to be the balance for us (plus we eat a lot of beans and grains). Other than that, I don't have any ideas so I'm interested to hear what others day.

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  3. I second what Jaimie said--whole wheat, brown rice etc. Potatoes can be a great substitute also. R. loves a big baked potato. You can put healthy chili over it, or even grilled chicken & marinara. Whole Foods has the best selection of gluten-free stuff. If you want more ideas I can ask Ali--she has to eat that way. Also, I'm trying to create a habit of eating 2 meals a day that are relatively gluten free (or at least whole wheat, no white flour/sugar) and then allow myself some for a 3rd meal. I figure balance is an important key. You can also visit (and click on the link for her blog) to find some pretty healthy, many gluten-free, recipes.


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