Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I heart my water babies!

I had planned to do a recap of the last part of our big trip but instead decided to link up with the photo challenge over at Iheartfaces! I couldn't resist when I heard the challenge was "water."  One of my favorite photos from our trip was at at a waterpark in Wisconsin.  Skylar had SO MUCH FUN! Right after I snapped this shot, she said, "Mommy, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much! But it's ok!"

This one is SOOC.  I didn't want to mess with pure joy!

Head on over to I Heart Faces and see other "water" shots!


  1. Here eyes are so bright! Beautiful picture.

  2. LOVE! She is GORGEOUS!!!!! Great capture and SOOC - Girl, you rock.

  3. That is a perfect shot for SOOC! What a beauty!

  4. Love your blog and your pictures. Would be soooo happy if you would share the name and/or address of the hotel you visited or of a hotel on the boardwalk you would recommend. We are planning a trip to Lake Michigan from Tennessee the first week of September and would love to visit there. Thank you! Dawn(vermont66@yahoo.com)


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