Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Sis

Bailey has been busy the last few weeks too.

You may remember that she has been finding new things to do with her pull ups:

Trying to be like her big sister

She didn't get to actually dance at ballet class, but she was certainly dressed the part.  
Down to the shoes.

She's been teaching  Nana Great how to do the "Wheels on the Bus"

 Raiding the pantry....

And quite possibly eating her cupcake off the ground at her cousin's birthday party

It sure is a good thing she's so cute!! :)


  1. All 3 of your daughters are absolutely beautiful! And they seem like such sweet (funny! :) children! :)

    I've been trying to write down Manuel's "funnies" so I can link up this Friday. I've only remembered two, but that's better then nothing. I'm sure he'll give me some more material by tomorrow!

    Have a great day!

  2. She is so stinking cute...not that I am surprised. All 3 are just ridiculous. :) I'm trying to figure out which one I want for Jonah. I don't know how to choose just one! ;)

  3. Love that aqua top on those last few photos (and the adorable little girl in it)!

  4. You have a beautiful family of girls my dear!


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