Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Middle Sis

All three of our girls are SO different.  Reagan has always been girly, but not into baby dolls.  She loves animals, reading quietly, not getting dirty, and wearing dresses.  Skylar loves her baby dolls, but also loves to get dirty and wrestle with daddy.  She's pretty athletic and has some pretty amazing hand/eye coordination.  As much as I try to "figure her out" I think she's just one of those kids that likes everything.

Lately she's been playing baseball outside with daddy.

And actually hitting it!

Don't you just love that little face?! (I know I do!)

She's also been taking ballet.  And loving it!

Her last class was "Princess Ballet Day" so she wore a princess gown. The girls were SO cute!

She is definitely showing us that she's one of those kids that just can't be labeled.  

She's just a superstar! :)


  1. Awww, what a cutie pie! It's too early to tell with Kam . . . so far I'm thinkin' she's definitely her own girl ;) Kenners LOVES to be outdoors with Daddy. She likes to get dirty, go fishing, and just hang out with him. But then she loves to play dress up too. Sierra tends to be Mama's girl. She's content to read quietly, write in her journal, craft, and she loves to shop. Of course, she also enjoys playing outdoors, and occasionally will go "hunting" and fishing with Dad. Well-rounded girls we've got, huh? :)

  2. So sweet getting to know Skylar a bit better (even if you DID write Reagan)! What a little slugger she looks to be!

  3. Maybe softball is in her future! Well rounded is what they're always looking for on college apps so maybe she's getting a head start. :)


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