Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Animals from the Reserve

You may remember that we live on a wildlife reserve.  Here are a few more animals we have seen around here lately:
This yellow bird just blends right in with the yellow flowers on the tree!
Then there's this bird:

and a few other "wild" animals:

Ok, so a few of them "might" actually be from our trip to the zoo....but I'll never tell. :)


  1. Cute :) Did you see the peacocks around your neighborhood or at the zoo? We have a ton in Palos Verdes; they live all over and we go up to see them often. It is so cool!!

  2. Wow! Not sure how safe your neighborhood is. That snail looks especially suspicious! :)

  3. Ha! I was thinkin' "Just what kind of reserve does she live on??" Such cool pictures of the peacock!!

  4. For a second you had me going with the peacock but I caught on to your tricky ways soon enough!


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