Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Funnies

Did this week blaze by for anyone else? Wow! I only wrote down three funny things...but here they are!

On our way to church Reagan said, "Wouldn't it be fun if dogs went to church?" I told her that Service Dogs were allowed in church because they are allowed anywhere that people go.  Skylar said, "I've never seen Circus Dogs at church." :)'s all the same right? :)
Again, while driving, Skylar said, "MOMMY! Watch out for the Pizzons!" Reagan corrected her and said, "Skylar, it's not Pizzons, it's Pigeon, with a J." :D
Reagan asked me, "Mommy, am I short?" When I asked her why she wondered that she said "because my skirt is a size 5 and I'm 7 years old." I said, "Well, you're petite." She replied, "Oh great! That's another word for short isn't it?" HA!

Can't wait to read about the "Funnies" in your house this week!


  1. Oh that last one is too funny!! At least she has you to comfort her! The other day Ella decided she wanted to play hair stylist with my dad--and being that he's in a wheelchair, he couldn't really escape!! He told her he only uses water in his hair, no gel or anything else, and Ella looked at my mom and said "and you married this man?" Which I find especially amusing since most of the men in Ella's life have shaved heads!

  2. Hehehehe- thanks for making me laugh!!


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