Monday, March 15, 2010

iheartfaces bundled up!

This photo challenge this week at iheartfaces is "bundled up."  It just so happens I got some great shots when we went to the snow in January.  I heart all 3 of my bundled little blessings, but this face just cracked me up! It was her first time ever touching the snow and she LOVED it!! Until she got wet....and cold...and kept falling over.  Then she was done.

Head on over to iheartfaces and see everyone else "bundled up."


  1. I love the look on her face and pink shoes. great bundle up

  2. Awww...look at that smile and those eyelashes! Oh my! So cute!

  3. I just love the feeling that this picture express. You know the good thing is that she may not remember the feeling as she gets older BUT you have captured in on film! Awesome!

    P.S. Thanks for the comment on mine!

  4. Ah...such a cutie. You sure captured the magic of the moment, I can see it in the smile. So cute!


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