Monday, March 29, 2010

I heart black and white photo drama!

This weeks theme over at I Heart Faces is "Dramatic Black and White."
I'm not a professional so I don't aim for the "dramatic" capture with a serious face, so I went a different route with this theme.  I have three girls.  Each day is filled with drama.  Especially the day I took this photo.  I had made a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting.  I left the icing on the counter and went to answer the phone. When I came back, half the bowl was missing.  I asked Skylar if she had eaten the chocolate frosting and she said "no" but I was pretty certain she was not telling the truth.....

Head on over to "I heart faces" and check out more "black and white drama".


  1. I LOVE this!! So cute! Her eyes really pop, and have some drama to them, but I also love how the chocolate frosting and the lines of her face have a beautiful symmetry! Nicely done! (and on a personal note, our baby is also named Bailey! you have three beautiful blessings indeed!)

  2. Too funny - and dramatic of course with those BIG eyes! :)

  3. lol! so funny! she is beautiful and just look at those eyes, full of innocence! ;)

  4. Oh my gosh, that is so hilarious!!!! I can just picture her saying "nooooo" :) SO cute!!

  5. This is adorable! Such a face!!

  6. HAHAHA! Us Moms, we just know these things :) There's a lot of drama in this house full of girls too! Too cute!

  7. Such a cute picture! Great job! Your girls are adorable!


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