Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We are that family!

Growing up there was a family in church that some might describe as "odd."  They didn't eat fast food; they didn't own a tv (and subsequently no video games); their mom made their clothes; they were homeschooled (way before it was popular); there were more than 2 kids and they all got along for the most part.  They were not the norm.

Fast forward 25 years and I find myself appreciating that odd family.

Somewhere in the last few years, we have decided that mainstream is not for us.  Just because "everyone else" does it, doesn't make it right.  Remember when your mom used to say "If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?"  Yah, the same rules apply as parents.  Thanks for that timeless wisdom, Mom. :)

We are very careful about what our girls watch on television.  Some days I'd like to chuck it out the window, but I do appreciate the quiet every once in a while.  I'm not that crazy.  The girls know what shows they are allowed to watch so when we are at a friends house, they will tell me if something inappropriate is on.

While I don't make all their clothes (I can, just choose not to), I do make sure that their clothing is age appropriate (and usually a bargain!).

We try to avoid fast food and sit together as a family each night.  We made the decision to start eating organically a couple years ago and have seen such benefits from it.  We also added vitamins, supplements and probiotics to our daily regimen so the girls are rarely sick.

We spend time outside being active.

Our girls don't always get along, but they do love each other and play well majority of the time.  We have taught them that friends will always come and go but you will always be sisters, so you might as well get along now.

We talk about thankfulness a lot in our home.  The girls take turns praying and it warms my heart to hear the things that they are thankful for.

They are precious to us.

When I was younger my mom wouldn't let me go over to a friends house because she didn't know the parents.  When I asked her why, she explained it this way: "If I had a diamond worth 5 million dollars, I wouldn't just give it to anyone to take care of.  I would choose only the most qualified, and trustworthy people to take care of it. YOU are worth far more than a five million dollar diamond to me.  So I'm not going to just let anyone take care of you." That explanation has always stuck with me.  I've already told my girls the same thing.  They may not understand how much five million is, but they understand that jewels are valuable.

Recently we have been making decisions about schooling for our girls.  We have realized we are not the norm.  Regular public school is not meeting their needs.  It's certainly not a place I want to send my precious gems to sit all day.  We don't feel called to homeschool....yet.  Private school would require a second mortgage on our home, so that's not an option either.  Our only other option is a charter school.  We've researched until our eyes are blurry.  We've toured, asked questions, filled out applications, and now we just pray and wait.

When I told Reagan's teacher about our desire to switch over to a charter, she said "That's a great option for a family like yours."

A family like ours.

Yep, we are that family.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. I love, love, love the diamond response given my your mom. My daughter, Calleigh, has a school friend that we won't allow her to go home with. This will be perfect to explain to her how precious she is to us as our "jewel" and why we make the decisions we do to protect our jewel. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I've got some tears, girlfriend. This is our family too. I'm guilty of going through McDonald's drive-thru when we're out and about, but I cringe when the tv goes on, detest most of the clothing that is available for little girls these days, and am definitely what most people would call "the over-protective mom". Assign me the title, I'll take it. These precious children that we are responsible for depend on us, and I get so irritated that "sheltering" is looked upon like it's a bad thing. They are children. They need shelter. They need protection. I love it! So happy you've shared this. And your mom's diamond analogy? Precious! I am going to start using it ;)

  3. Sounds like a great family to me!

  4. I love this :) I don't think you are odd in the least!! I think you care very much about your family and aren't afraid to make the decisions that you see best--and you know best, cause you are mom! I admire those who are willing to be THAT family...I think we all should be in some ways, every family is unique and so is their needs etc. Your daughters are blessed!

  5. This is so wonderful Heather. We are "that" family too, and it is hard sometimes to deal with other people's response to that (especially and unfortunately our family). But we worked with a youth group once full of amazing preteen and teenaged people from a bunch of "that" families; and with the witness of that possible end we cannot not pursue the same narrow path. Besides I like thumbing my nose at mainstream. Gives my rebellious nature a healthy outlet!

  6. What a family you are!!! xoxox

  7. Very cool! I'm very curious about the charter school. We don't have those here, I don't think.

    I like this post. It's what makes you guys you. And it means you're being intentional about your parenting, which is awesome. :)

    Sometimes when I read your posts, I wonder why California has to be so far away. Today is one of those days. Hugs from me.


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