Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yay! 5!

There's an old episode of The Cosby Show (probably from the first season) where Rudy is sad because she is the littlest in the family.  But her mom convinces her that she is growing up each day and can already do lots of things at 5, that she couldn't do at 4.  By the end, they were both saying "Yay 5!"

Today we are saying, "Yay 5!"

Skylar is 5 today! She has already spent the morning showing me how many things she can reach, and how her feet almost hit the floor when she sits on the couch.  She is convinced that she grew a foot last night.  The funny thing looks like she did.  :) I could have sworn that the jeans she is wearing today actually fit her last week.  Thank the Lord that capris are in style!

Skylar is our fearless one, but also the most tender.  She is incredibly flexible and just goes with the flow. She just doesn't get bothered by much.  She is equally as good of a big sister, as she is a little sister.

She is definitely our happy-go-lucky kid! She makes us laugh; she's quick to listen *(most days) and loves to be a helper.  We are blessed to have her in our family!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Yay 5!


  1. Awwww!! I guess I didn't realize that our "middles" were actually born on the same day {a year apart}! Happy Birthday to Skylar!!

  2. She sounds like such a wonderful girl! Happy Birthday Skylar!

  3. Happy Birthday Skylar!
    Have you read the Birth Order Book? You gave a great description of a middle child. :)

  4. So sweet!! Maleah often uses the number "3" for things, because she is 3 or she'll tell me "4" because she is going to be 4 on her next birthday. Like how many food items or bites she should eat, etc. She is SO anxious for her birthday to arrive this year, it's cute. That is a gorgeous picture of Skylar!


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