Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The land of the living

I've been MIA.  But with good reason.  That "little" virus that passed through all of us about two weeks ago decided to settle itself right into my inner ear.

After four days of watching the room spin and feeling sick to my stomach all day I realized this wasn't just a regular old flu bug.  I ended up in urgent care and was diagnosed with Labyrinthitis.  I was sent home with 7 meds (5 prescriptions and 2 otc drugs).
Anti-nausea med
Motion sickness med
ear drops for the pain
a decongestant
and Tylenol

Needless to say, I felt drugged for a few days.
The anti-nausea drug caused me to have a negative reaction and my joints felt like they were on fire.  It took almost two days for my hands to stop hurting even after discontinuing the meds.

The anti-inflammatory upset my stomach (which is great when you're already nauseated and your anti-nausea drug isn't working), so we've switched that one too.

I'm not convinced that the motion sickness med was doing anything to make me feel less dizzy (just really sleepy) so I stopped taking it today.

Today is the first day that I'm sitting up for extended periods of time.  It feels like a baby step but I'll take it.  I'm slowly joining the land of the living.

My friend Jaimie joked that she and I would have been able to get away with only prescribing two meds (since we're such fantastic internet doctors).  I'm beginning to think she was right.  I'm taking the "less is more" approach and it seems to be working better.

I'm so grateful my mom has been able to be here to take care of the girls.  Moms are great that way aren't they? :)

And because I like pictures and I haven't shared this one yet...(I don't think), I thought I'd leave you with happy smiles.


  1. Aw Heather, I'm so sorry you've been so miserable :( This is a HORRIBLE thing for me to admit {I'm quite embarassed, actually}, but I used to kind of chuckle when I'd hear about moms who would get a cold and then couldn't take care of their children, so they'd send them to the grandparents. Mmmhmmm, God thought He'd better teach me a lesson on that one. Last year I got mastitis and literally could not get out of bed {let alone take care of my children}. Never again will I make fun of sick moms who cannot take care of their children. Never. Been there. And yes, thank goodness we have moms of our own!! :)

  2. I'm so sorry you've been so sick! That sounds awful - I've never heard of it before. Thankful you had your mom and that you have those beautiful girls to give you smiles when you're feeling so yucky. Love those Gymboree (I think) outfits by the way!

  3. Oh the girls are so cute! I'm so glad you're feeling better!! My mom had the same thing last year and it was flat out miserable!

  4. So sorry Heather. YUCKY! Joe had an ear infection like that and it knocked him out for weeks.

  5. Good gracious! 5 prescriptions and two otc??!! Wow. I'm glad you're feeling better, regardless.


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