Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First and Second

Our summer is over.

It's the first day of school.  First day of second grade for Reagan.
She's growing so fast!

This morning she said "This year is going to be different from last year." I said, "Of course.  It's good to have change.  Different teachers do things in different ways, but I think you'll like having a new class and a new teacher." Then she was quiet for a few seconds and then said, "Yah, it's good when school changes.  But if next summer is just like this one, that would be ok with me."

My thoughts exactly.  We had an awesome summer.  
At the beginning of the summer, I had Reagan make a list of all the things she wanted to do before going back to school.  With only eight weeks, I wasn't sure we would fit it all in.  We only missed one thing.  Not too bad for a list with 18 things on it.  Reagan also managed to read 32 chapter books.  Thank the Lord for the library!

She has matured so much in the past year.  She's asking more mature questions, becoming even more helpful, and independent.  

And even more beautiful.  Inside and out.  Only 4 more hours until we go pick her up and hear all about her first day (over our traditional first day of school ice cream of course). 


  1. What a cutie! This will probably be the year she loses all her teeth. I am sad that my daughter is the oldest, I feel like she is already too grown up. How can we stop them?

  2. Ahhh...what a beauty! Enjoy your 1st day of school ice cream treat, I love that tradition. :)

  3. Love it. She is so mature for her age! Can't wait to hear how her first day went!

  4. Hope it was a good day for her! It is so fun watching kids grow up and observing how their thought process get's so much more insightful!

  5. Aw, I totally missed this! I came over here to see what you'd been up to since I hadn't heard from ya in a few days ;) And here is this gorgeous post! What a beautiful daughter {daughters, rather!} you have! I love her adorable outfit!!

    When are you coming up for a visit??? ;)


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