Monday, July 26, 2010

Get your laugh on!

Ok so it only took six months (maybe less) but it's finally here! The link up for Friday Funnies!! Watch for it this Friday! Start writing down the funny things your kiddos say (or the funny things you say TO them!).
This sweet little graphic will be available for you to put in your post and a linky tool so everyone else can read your funny stuff!! Come on! Show the world (the blog world at least) that your kids ARE that funny! And here are a few more exclamation points just because!!!!!!


  1. love your friday funnie graphic! did you make that face??? really cute!

  2. I love it! I will have a note pad daily for the things that come out of my sons mouth! :)

  3. Very cool! Sorry I never got a chance to play w/ a button but yours looks great!

  4. Liz, yep, I made the graphic but not the face. I used royalty free clip art and added the conversation bubble and text.
    Rachel, I text the funny stuff to myself all week in case the notepad doesn't work for ya! :)

  5. I'm already saving mine up for Friday, and have the best one from dinner tonight! :)


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