Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Funnies

Last week someone (who shall remain nameless) posted as her facebook status: "FYI: your kids aren't that funny."  Hmm.  Well, my cynical, humorless, single, childless, former-facebook friend, I happen to think my kids are really funny! And I'll prove it.

A conversation in our house last week while the girls were playing:
Reagan: make sure he has a parachute
Skylar: he does have a carrot suit

Bailey has been citing her memory verse from Ephesians as "Children, obey your carrots in the Lord..."

Apparently we like carrots here.

Skylar: Mommy, look! A mow lawner!

Skylar while playing with stuffed animals:
"Come on scout, cross the river with me! You can do it!"
"I can't walk on water! I'm not Jesus!"
"It's just a river, not a ocean Scout!"

Bailey came out of my bathroom last week with a Maxi pad and said "Mommy, bandaid?" :D

What do you think about making this a weekly occurrence? Want to link up with your Friday Funnies?


  1. Ha ha!! :) So cute. Love what Skylar said about walking on water :) And that is so mean what your friend said on FB!!!

  2. Your kids ARE that funny! :)

  3. The other day Gracie asked me for the "cloth wash"! And Rachel tells Talon that pads are mommy bandaids!! LOL

  4. HILARIOUS!!!! I am all for linking up..I could write a book on my mini me. :D Btw, the one about the mommy bandaid almost made me spit out my coffee. Way to go Bailey!

  5. Your kids are INCREDIBLY funny! Thanks for the Sunday afternoon laugh and I'd link up if I could ever remember the funny things the kids say long enough to post them. :)


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