Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sharing my Winnings!

A while back I said I would highlight some of my amazing blog giveaway wins.  I've been SO blessed and love when I find a great product (and a great deal).  Here's another one! I won this super sweet dog collar from Amy over at Priddy Creations. (She's crazy talented and has a great etsy shop herself, but also hosts some amazing giveaways from other etsy shop owners). I was lucky enough to win one!

This is our sweet little rescue pup Sophie.  (Isn't she so cute?!) She is nine years old (but we have only had her for 7 years), and she has always hated collars.  She used to run and hide when we wanted to take her on a walk.  She would scratch at the "webbed" collars (and even get her claws stuck in it!).  But when I won this awesome collar from Tiffany at Bailey Brooke Designs (how can you not love something with the name 'Bailey' in it?), we decided to give it one more try.  

She. Loves. It.  

It's made from pure cotton with a ribbon sewn on for sweet detail.  Our groomer took it upon herself to match Sophie's bows to her awesome collar.  We love it so much we had to order a second one for our other pooch, Cali.  

If you have a need for a great dog collar, go visit Tiffany! Great products at a great price (and great customer service!). 


  1. Those are cute! I wish my hubby would let me get one for our dog. He say they are too girly. :)

  2. So cute! Almost as cute as Sophie! Our dogs never wear collar anymore b/c they're always inside and the shaking noise was driving us crazy. Now we just put on their Gentle Leaders and a leash when we take them for a run (or walk).


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