Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend!! aka...a really long post with lots of pictures

Wow! What a weekend! Sadly it went too fast, but we are so grateful that it was filled with fun and family!

Saturday was our city's annual Eggstravaganza!! Last year the girls were freezing in their pretty little dresses so this year they wore long pants and sweatshirts (and of course it was warm so they started shedding layers almost immediately).  And of course we forgot our egg baskets AGAIN so they had to use their bike helmets.  They didn't seem to mind.  They had one thing on their minds....candy!

They are divided by age group which works out well for a mom-tographer like myself.  I was able to get pictures of each girl separately.  It's a bit of mayhem for about 34 seconds.  They drop the rope and the kids run onto the field, gathering as many eggs as they can.

Here's Skylar with the "fours"

Reagan with the "sixes"

And Bailey in the "two and under" area 

On the way home we stopped at the creek and the girls played for a few minutes building a "dam." 

We colored eggs at night and the girls had so much fun! We even let Bailey drop (literally drop) her eggs into the dye cups.  

(check out that sassy look! she cracks me up!)

Easter morning arrived and the girls found their baskets on the table.  

In the afternoon we headed down to my parents house for lunch and another Easter egg hunt.

Reagan picking oranges off the tree.

Bailey REALLY wanted to go swimming in the neighbors pool.

Bailey waiting *ever so patiently* for lunch

Enjoying some sweet tea!

READY for the egg hunt!!

Mostly they all just ran in opposite directions (that's my niece Sydney with Bailey).

After they all opened their eggs, we busted out the bubbles and let them run off some of that sugar.

What most of my pictures look like from that day....the back of the girls!

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend celebrating the hope we have in Christ. Yes, we ate chocolate bunnies, and wore pretty dresses, but we also made sure that we told the girls about why we even celebrate Easter.  They know that the tomb is empty and Jesus is alive! 

It also seemed very appropriate that on "that day" over 2000 years ago, the Bible says "the earth trembled and the stone was rolled away" and we too had our own "earth trembling" moment with a 6.9 quake on Easter afternoon.  

I hope your Easter was blessed as well! 


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  2. (Second try - with correct spelling ;-)

    Your girls are so pretty and Bailey's haircut is adorable!! Happy Easter!

  3. Loved the post, you have beautiful photos, too many that I *Love* to name...I think the girls matching dresses are adorable...Looks like a wonderful Easter! And glad all is well after your earth shaking experience!! :)

  4. Such cute girls...that baby girl is precious!!! Looks like it was beautiful weather for too!!! So thankful for a pretty day with no wind.

  5. Oh so sweet! I love all of the pictures {am about to start on a picture heavy post, myself!}. Your girls are so beautiful. It looked like a special day, indeed.

  6. Too many cute pictures I want to comment on! First of all I LOVE those Easter dresses and headbands - adorable! Second - Bailey's haircute is just too cute! Third - that picture of Reagan blowing bubbles is perfection! Thank you for sharing about your wonderful weekend, such a lovely family. Also - is it just me or does Bailey look like you especially as she's sitting waiting patiently at the table?

  7. I love little girls in Easter dresses!! =) My little girl age 9.... doesn't like dresses anymore.. sniff!! =( We heard about that earthquake just minutes after it happened... Did your house shake?! yikes!


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